News about new tabs and tab updates completed.

I am in the process of producing new tabs on a regular basis. I am also currently updating all SHADSTABS tabs as time allows. In the index of tabs the date of the latest update is on each tab like this (UD-23/10/19) Indicating that the tab was updated and republished on the 23 October 2019

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Below is a list tabs I have at least started and/or Completed and a further longer term ‘wishlist’ below that.

  1. Mona Lisa (The Shadows/Hank marvin style) (YouTubeVideo) Completed & Added to list of tabs
  2. Maid Marions Theme (The Shadows 1965) (YouTubeVideo) Completed & Added to list of tabs
  3. Wichita Lineman (From hank Marvin’s 1993 album ‘Heartbeat’) (YouTube Video)
  4. This Ol’e House (From The Shadows 1981 album ‘ Hits Right Up Your Street’) (YouTube Video)
  5. Alone (From The Shadows 1989 Album ‘Steppin’ To The Shadows’) (YouTube Video) Completed & Added to list of tabs
  6. Walk of Life (From The Shadows 1986 Album ‘Moonlight Shadow’) (YouTube Video)
  7. Into The Light (From Hank Marvin’s 1992 Album ‘Into the Light’) (YouTube Video) Completed & Added to list of tabs
  8. When the Going Gets Tough (From The Shadows 1989 Album ‘Steppin’ To The Shadows’) (YouTube Video)
  9. Tico Tico (From YouTube Video by Suaragitar – Robby J – recorded 1991 by The Weymen from Sweden) (YouTube Video)
  10. Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto De Aranjuex (From The Shadows 1979 Album ‘String of Hits) (YouTube Video) Completed & Added to list of tabs
  11. Moonlight Shadow (From The Shadows 1986 Album ‘Moonlight Shadow’) (YouTube Video)    
  12. Mozart Forte (The Shadows 1980) (YouTube Video) 
  13. Moontalk (From Hank Marvin’s 1992 album ‘Into the Light’) (YouTube Video)
  14. Sumiko (From Hank Marvin’s 1992 album ‘Into the Light’) (YouTube Video)
  15. Sailing (from The Shadows 1981 album ‘Hits Right Up Your Street’) (YouTube Video)
  16. Queen Of Hearts (From The Shadows 1993 Album ‘XXV’) (YouTube Video)
  17. Hello (From The Shadows 1986 album ‘Moonlight Shadows’ (YouTubeVideo)

List of next tabs I would like to do eventualy

  1. 36-24-36 (YouTubeVideo)
  2. Blue Shadow (YouTubeVideo)
  3. Bossa Roo (YouTubeVideo)
  4. Brazil (YouTubeVideo)
  5. Breakthru (YouTubeVideo)
  6. Bright Eyes (YouTubeVideo)
  7. Candle in the wind (YouTubeVideo)
  8. Chain Reaction (YouTubeVideo)
  9. Dancing in the Dark (YouTubeVideo)
  10. Devil Woman (YouTubeVideo)
  11. Diamonds (YouTubeVideo)
  12. Don’t Give Up (YouTubeVideo)
  13. Every Breath you Take (YouTubeVideo)
  14. Fields of Gold (YouTubeVideo)
  15. French Dressing (YouTubeVideo)
  16. Friends (YouTubeVideo)
  17. I Will Always Love You (YouTubeVideo)
  18. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore (YouTubeVideo)
  19. It Must Be Love (YouTubeVideo)
  20. I Could Easily Fall in Love with You (YouTubeVideo)
  21. Just the Way You Are (YouTubeVideo)
  22. Just Before Dawn (YouTubeVideo)
  23. Let it Snow (YouTubeVideo)
  24. Like Strangers (YouTubeVideo)
  25. Londonderry Air (YouTubeVideo)
  26. Music of the Night (YouTubeVideo)
  27. My Heart will Go On (YouTubeVideo)
  28. More Than I Can say (YouTubeVideo)
  29. Nothing’s Gonna Change my Love for You (YouTubeVideo)
  30. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (YouTubeVideo)
  31. One Moment in Time (YouTubeVideo)
  32. Patience (YouTubeVideo)
  33. Peggy Sue (YouTubeVideo)
  34. Petite Fluer (YouTubeVideo)
  35. Raining in my Heart (YouTubeVideo)
  36. Rave On (YouTubeVideo)
  37. Right Here Waiting (YouTubeVideo)
  38. Rose Rose (YouTubeVideo)
  39. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree (YouTubeVideo)
  40. Sacha (YouTubeVideo)
  41. Some People (YouTubeVideo)
  42. Song for Duke (YouTubeVideo)
  43. Space Oddity (YouTubeVideo)
  44. Summer Holiday (YouTubeVideo)
  45. Sealed with a Kiss (YouTubeVideo)
  46. Some People (YouTubeVideo)
  47. Somethings Got a Hold of My Heart (YouTubeVideo)
  48. Steel Wheel (YouTubeVideo)
  49. Superstar (YouTubeVideo)
  50. Santa Anna (YouTubeVideo)
  51. Semi Detached suburban Mr James (YouTubeVideo)
  52. Shady Lady (YouTubeVideo)
  53. Sky Boat Song (YouTubeVideo)
  54. The Third man (YouTubeVideo)
  55. Stack – It (YouTubeVideo)
  56. The High and the Mighty (YouTubeVideo)
  57. That’ll be The Day (YouTubeVideo)
  58. The Magic Waltz (YouTubeVideo)
  59. Take My Breath Away (YouTubeVideo)
  60. Telstar (YouTubeVideo)
  61. The Power of Love (YouTubeVideo)
  62. Up Where We Belong (YouTubeVideo)
  63. Uptown Girl (YouTubeVideo)
  64. Wish Upon a Star (YouTubeVideo)
  65. Walkin (YouTubeVideo)
  66. Waterloo Sunset (YouTubeVideo)
  67. We Are The Champions (YouTubeVideo)
  68. We Don’t Talk Anymore (YouTubeVideo)
  69. Wired for Sound (YouTubeVideo)
  70. Years Away (YouTubeVideo)
  71. You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me (YouTubeVideo)
  72. You Keep Me Hanging On (YouTubeVideo)
  73. You’ll Never Walk Alone (YouTubeVideo)
  74. You’re Beautiful (YouTubeVideo)
  75. You’re The One That I Wan’t (YouTubeVideo)
  76. You’ve Got a Friend (YouTubeVideo)
  77. You’ve Got To Have Heart (YouTubeVideo)