Kinman Pickups and associated products The King of Noiseless and the Prince of Expression delivers this promise. To kill hum without killing the tone is a formidable technical challenge, one that ONLY Chris Kinman has taken seriously. So seriously that Kinman makes just one class of pickup, great sounding Zero-Hum (aka noiseless) pickups.

Charlie Hall & Friends
Charlie Hall & Friends, a forum  for guitarists of all styles including The Shadows and Hank Marvin.  Please share your knowledge for the benefit of all members who require  it. Membership is free. A great forum for Shadows and Hank Marvin enthusiasts

TVS Specialty Products
TVS Echo Units. The TVS line of sound processors has emerged from a number of years of  research into the sound of original tube-based echo units such as the  famous Meazzi Echomatic series. The multi tap echoes from these vintage  units is characterised by a warm, singing quality that, up until now,  has not been available from the modern day solid state equivalents.

Penumbra – Tribute Pages To The Shadows
Penumbra. Pages devoted to The Shadows and their recorded works as released onto the New Zealand market. John Campbell’s Shadows tribute and collection site.

Goran Tangring’s Shadows website
Goran’s website. Goran’s  pages of backings and tabs for music by The Shadows & Hank B Marvin. (And some Spotnicks and other guitar music)

Echotapper – Vintage Echos and Guitar Effects
Echotapper. This blog documents a number of projects to build a guitar echo unit that emulates a  number of vintage echos from the 1960’s and 1970’s. This was the era of  The Shadows and their lead guitarist Hank B Marvin who became a pioneer  of the use of tape and disk echo units such as the Meazzi Echomatic I  and II and others.

Just 60’s Music – 60’s music backing tracks
Suaragitar – Just 60’s Music.  Welcome to Just Sixties Music – we offer  high quality and authentic backing tracks for lead guitarist to play  60’s instrumental music in The Shadows style, crafted by Robby J.

Hall & Collins Signature Echo
H&C Signature Echo. The Hall and Collins Signature Echo Unit is the fruit of over 5  years labour for Charlie Hall and John Collins. Sounds originally  produced with valve/tube set ups can now be faithfully recreated with  this unit’s unique and specific valve/tube emulation technology.

Blue Nebula Vintage Tape echo (Stanley-FX)
Blue Nebula Echo. The Blue Nebula Vintage Tape echo and Guitar effects Pedals are  available to order, each pedal is hand built and will take approximately  five working days from the order date to shipping .

ShadowMusicThe Global Family Of Shadows Music Fans
ShadowMusic. Hundreds of items of Shadows related info, masses of pictures and all the Shadows Music you could wish to hear. Members of The Shadows visit this site, so Bruce Welch, Hank Marvin or Brian Bennett could be reading your contributions. So come and join us in enjoying the music which inspired a whole generation of guitar players – Brian May, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour and all of us in this worldwide Shadows community.

Sydney (Australia) Shadows Club
Sydney Shadows Club. The club was first formed in April 2003 and caters to those who have an interest in playing, or just listening to, guitar instrumental music. While those with a mutual appreciation of THE SHADOWS founded the club, we warmly welcome those with an interest in any type of guitar instrumental music, including The Ventures, Chet Atkins, Duane Eddy, etc

The Shadows on Facebook

Facebook – The Shadows. The Shadows were the fore-runners of the guitar bands of the British pop scene of the swinging sixties, and they had a historic impact on the British pop scene of the era. John Lennon famously once claimed that The Shadows were one of the only things in British music “worth listening to” before The Beatles came along. Beginning life as the Drifters in the late fifties, they changed the name to The Shadows to avoid confusion with an American group with the same name and initially provided the musical backing for Cliff Richard in the very popular “Cliff Richard Show”.