I was born in Sydney, Australia in May 1945. I was fortunate to have had parents who introduced me to the marvellous world of music at the tender age of seven when they took me to a Police Citizens Boys Club in Sydney to see their Junior Brass Band. I subsequently joined the band and learnt to read and play ‘Marching Band’ music on the cornet and trumpet. I was an active member of the Brass Band for 5 years until the age of twelve (1956).

About that time, I discovered Rock & Roll music of the likes of Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Genie Vincent, The Big Bopper etc. and a friend introduced me to the electric guitar. I never looked back and over the next few years learned more and more about the guitar and playing Rock & Roll music.

In 1960 at the age of 15 I first heard The Shadows ‘Apache’ on Sydney radio. I was in awe and it changed my musical direction forever. I was then and still being to this day a ‘Shadows’ and Hank Marvin fan and Like many other guitarists I became a lifelong dedicated Hank Marvin Wannabe’. Always striving to emulate ‘That Sound’

Over the years I have acquired all the gear needed to get close to the Shadows sound. Stratocaster guitars, Vox amps, various echo units etc. But early on I recognised that apart from the right equipment a major component of their sound was the playing style of Hank Marvin. His unique style incorporates many distinct aspects. The obvious ones are his use of the Tremolo arm or ‘Whammy Bar’, the prolific use of ‘double stops’ and an unusual upstroke picking method. But that’s not all. He doesn’t just play the notes. He applies some unique phrasing to his work using many different bends, pre-bends, hammer-on, pull-off, etc. to impart to his music a ‘singing quality’

Thirty years ago, I started writing guitar ‘Tabs’ not just to document the notes but more importantly the phrasing of those notes and where on the ‘neck’ they are best played. Over the intervening years I have written many tabs for the Shadows and Hanks tunes. I am still writing them to this day. Some tabs take a few days to produce while others can take weeks or months to perfect.

I enjoy playing my strats and writing tabs every day. In 2015, I decided to build a website to enable other guitarists to use my tabs. That website Shadstabs.net allowed free download of all my tabs but I can no longer sustain the costs of that site.

In June 2019, the new site Shadstabs.com was born where for a small charge my tabs can be directly downloaded. I hope you continue to use and enjoy my tabs and they help you with your individual quests to emulate ‘That Sound’ of the first British ‘guitar hero’ – Hank B Marvin

My 2019 ‘Shadows’ Kit


  1. 1989 American Stratocaster Plus (Colour ‘Razz Berry’) (fitted with Kinmann ‘Hx’ pickups)
  2. 2006 Classic Series 50s Stratocaster  (Colour ‘Fiesta Red’) (fitted with Fender Custom Shop 54 pickups)


  1. VOX AC15C1X (with Celestion Alnico Blue Speaker)
  2. LANEY VC30-112 (Class ‘A’ all valve)
  3. GA -20 (20W SS practise Amp)

Echo Units

  1. Zoom 508 (Various Shadows Patches)
  2. Yamaha Magic Stomp (Various Shadows Patches)
  3. WISHLIST  – Would love a TVS3 Echo Unit.


  1. D’Addario NYXL 10-46
  2. D’Addario NYXL 11-49
  3. D’Addario NYXL 12-52 (wound third)


  1. VOX ToneLab
  2. CALINE 10 Band EQ
  3. DUNLOP Volume Pedal
  4. MORLEY Volume Plus Pedal
  5. BOSS TU – Chromatic Tuner
  6. BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive
  7. BOSS CS-3 Compression/Sustainer
  8. GEMENI III (true-bypass analogue tone-shaper)
  9. EASYMUTE Tremolo arms

Disclaimer: The tablature files on this website are the author’s own work and represents his interpretation of the song. You may only use these files for private study, scholarship, or research.